Audi GTRS3 for One Lap of America

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Some parts and work from our big project.
Only the best possible parts available or made only for us!
We are blessed with so many good friends and sponsors.

“Thanks you guys!

We went over to see the start of the One Lap of America 2018 without our car this year. We received such a warm welcome from everyone. This whole arrangement is breeding a wonderful and friendly atmosphere even though it is a bloody hard battle in each challenge at the racetrack!

We spent a few days following the pack around several different tracks and arrangements. It was truly amazing! All those fantastic cars, genuine people and of course Brock Yates, who is the person behind this grueling rally and road race!

We drove on Route 66, had fantastic meals during the way, (we highly recommend the Italian restaurant Lucrezia in Chesterton) and we also had time to discover and fall in love with Chicago.

Many thanks to each and all of you. We look forward to our chance to beat you all next year..!!!

Special thanks to Tim for the wonderful picture of their beautiful NSX.





Our highly valuable sponsors



Our Audi GTRS3 is projected and fully built for the mighty One Lap of America; the grueling rally and road race that requires concentration, preparation, and a really well dialed in car. Just watch out guys, we are coming for you!



Lowest possible unsprung mass. Our target curb weight is less than 1980 pounds. The unsprung mass itself is reduced with more than 275 pounds due to change of all control arms, wishbone, brake calipers and brake discs. The brake discs are in carbon, calipers in magnesium and aluminum, rear control arms are made of Aircraft grade aluminum with bushings in Oilon. The importance of lowest possible weight. There is many formulas when it comes to weight saving. Common to all, is that every pound that can be saved is worth much more than increased power. Every pound reduced in unsprung mass is worth even more. Another benefit with the weight reduction is that it reduces the need for brake power and significantly improves road handling. Less weight gives less G-force witch will result in higher speed through the corners. To be clear, we are talking about 1500 pounds of weight saving…